Knightguard provides experienced and expertly trained personal protective specialists when providing our clients with our services in Close Personal Protection.


Knightguard can provide specialist services in:


  • Dignitary Protection

  • VIP and Celebrity Protection

  • Events and Special Appearances

  • National and International Travel Protection

  • Threat and Target Protection

  • Corporate | CEO Protection

  • Security Services

  • Media Protection


We obtain specific information after an in-depth consultation with the client in order to establish an action plan to cover any possible scenario which may arise during the course of protection.


We take Close Personal Protection very seriously, Human life is of the highest priority at Knightguard which is why our protection specialists are individually screened and then chosen to suit the client’s brief.


We provide the “best of the best”, personnel who have a wealth of experience and are appropriate for the client’s needs and situational awareness, these factors provide the client with a low profile and low risk and sustainable threat level in which the client and his staff or family can continue to operate without interruption.


If you require protection will assess your situation and identify events that may be accidental or planned in order to ensure that the threat level is recognised and neutralised.


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