We understand that our Guards play an instrumental part in servicing your business so it is vital that the correct people are placed into these positions.


Our recruitment process is extremely stringent, we do not employ people just to “fill a role”, we employ people who are willing to give it their all and who are interested in building a career in the industry.


We are proud to say that the majority of our staff are long term employees, most in excess of 8 years with some of our longest servicing 20 plus years, this is a very rare trait within the security industry.


Rather than just supplying a “security service” or having an “us and them” mentality, we assimilate into the culture and expectations of our clients.


We believe that most security-related problems can be avoided through pre-planning and vigilance on the job, our security officers take a pro-active approach to their roles, always alert so as to detect and deter potential problems before they escalate.


Additionally, our internal training programs focus on situational awareness, teaching our team how to effectively identify and deal with delicate, difficult and dire situations.


Knightguard Protection Group assigns an account manager to their corporate clients; this forms a valuable link for communication and overall client satisfaction and servicing.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) form a critical part of Knightguard Protection Group’s service delivery.


The SOP’s are compiled during the initial stages of commencement, the document is provided to the client for review and approval.


Once completed, all allocated Guards will abide by its terms and conditions.


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