Knightguard Commercial Cleaning Services was established in 1998 as a specialist commercial cleaning division of Knightguard Protection Group.


We are a leading provider of commercial cleaning services with an outstanding reputation for quality and integrity.


Our aim is to consistently offer a high standard of service at exceptional value for money, along with friendly and professional customer service.


At Knightguard Commercial Cleaning services we believe in strong environmental principles and all of our work is based upon a strict environmental policy known as the Knightguard Care Factor.


We are trade qualified, licensed, insured and accredited.


We specialise in both office and industrial cleaning and also provide specialised cleaning services such as strata cleaning, graffiti removal etc...




It’s not just about excelling at cleaning, that's our standard practice.


We want our clients to be confident that our staff are honest and can be trusted to look after their premises as though it were our own.


Our personnel are fully trained, wear a corporate uniform and are security vetted.


Key access jobs are reserved only for commercial cleaning staff that have already proved their integrity and commitment to Knightguard Cleaning Services.


Our aim is to observe strict health and hygiene considerations, keeping your reputation, premises and assets clean and well maintained.


We understand appreciate the importance of promoting a positive image to staff, visitors and customers.




We believe that at the any heart of a good commercial cleaning company there has to be an effective and reliable quality control system.


Our fully trained and experienced site supervisors carry out weekly inspections to ensure that our standards are met and meet your approval.


We constantly monitor each site and pay extra attention to areas that require strict controls.


We maintain constant communication with our staff and clients, this enablesus to react quickly to changes that may be required.


Our commercial cleaning service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




Knightguard Commercial Cleaning can deliver an extensive range of commercial cleaning solutions.


We build a unique site profile and establish the cleaning specification, risk assessment, security procedures and any specific protocols you may have in place.


All this information is documented and handed to your staff so that knowledge is retained.


If you have a specific budget, we will work to accommodate it.


We can advise on ways to reduce costs, suggest changes in how you manage your cleaning services as well as reduce the use of chemicals used in the cleaning process.


We are also able to provide you with an audit of costs, many of our clients were often overcharged by their previous service provider.


Our cleaning services include:


  • Commercial | Industrial Cleaning

  • Strata Cleaning

  • Shopping | Retail | Carpark Sweeping

  • Window Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Educational Facilities | Schools | Childcare Centre’s

  • Hard-floor Maintenance

  • High Pressure Washing

  • Odour Control

  • Waste Management and Removal




It can be difficult to get an accurate picture of how your own store really looks, but if

you put yourself in the shoes of your customers, you will see what we see.


It’s vital that every single surface from floor to the ceiling is spotless.


We make sure that the entire building is clean and tidy to appeal not only to your customers but also to you and your employees.




Safety is key in high traffic areas.


Over the years we have developed and implemented a strategic risk management program to ensure the safety of all patrons, clients and staff.


Knightguard Cleaning Services provides a risk assessor to monitor and review our servicing locations.


Our staff are trained in three key areas:


1. Risk Identification


2. Risk Assessment


3. Risk Elimination




Knightguard Cleaning Services provides comprehensive office cleaning services for small, medium and large businesses.


Features of our office cleaning services include:


  • Both business and afterhours cleaning

  • From one day to multiple days per week with both short and long term service agreements available

  • Schools and childcare centre cleaning


Cleaning and maintenance within our schools is vitally important and often under emphasised.


Case studies show that a clean school not only lowers the threat of the spread of illness, leading to improved student attendance ratio and attitude, but also conveys a caring positive message to both students, parents and teaching staff alike.




Our window cleaning staff are highly skilled and insured, they are direct employees of Knightguard, we do not sub-contract window cleaning to third parties.


We utilise a range of options dependent on the requirements of each job.


We use our own equipment and employ water saving methods to reduce wasted water in the cleaning process and will undertake a site assessment and provide you with a range of cost effective options for your window cleaning needs.




Knightguard can handle all your industrial cleaning needs.


Some commercial cleaning companies only offer office cleaning due to their lack of expertise and the

specialised equipment required.


We have handled the needs of a range of industrial based companies, from chemical companies to

transport hubs.


So whatever industry you are engaged in, we can assist.


We can provide you with specialised casual services or full time contract staff without the need to

employ in-house cleaning staff.


Knightguard Commercial Cleaning also provides emergency clean up services as a result of

accidents, flooding and other unexpected circumstances.


We are here to help you and your business, anywhere and anytime.


Contact Knightguard for an obligation free consultation and find out what a provider that cares, can do for you - CLICK HERE