When a fire breaks out will you be ready to fight?


Knowing that the fire protection systems you have on-site will work and protect the life of you, your employees, customers and assets is imperative.


Knightguard provide a variety of routine maintenance programs to ensure that your fire protection system is regularly tested and maintained in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 1851-2005.




Our fire testing and maintenance service is available for all types of facilities and include:


  • Portable and wheeled fire extinguishers

  • Fire hose reels

  • Delivery lay flat fire hoses

  • Fire blankets

  • Emergency and exit lighting systems

  • Fire hydrant systems

  • Fire pump sets

  • Fire sprinkler systems

  • Fire-suppression systems

  • Automatic fire detection, alarm systems and security services

  • Emergency warning systems

  • Fire and smoke doors

  • Annual fire safety statements

  • Supplementary fire safety statements


Regular inspection, testing and preventative maintenance of each essential fire safety measure installed at your property are necessary to ensure the continuing reliability of the equipment in the event of a fire.


Our fully trained technicians have the expertise to ensure your fire protection system and equipment is capable of performing to the standard required by the current fire safety schedule.


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