Rather than "screening-out" undesirable candidates for corporate security roles, Knightguard concentrates on "screening-in" the perfect candidate; matching the skills of the Security Officer to the skill set required for the position.


Corporate Security falls into a "niche" category, the skill sets required are generally higher and this also means a higher level of communication skills and grooming.


All Knightguard Corporate Security Officers have the following skills and



  • High level of communication skills

  • Outstanding presentation and grooming

  • High levels of customer service

  • Previous experience in the security industry with a focus on service

  • Reception / front desk experience

  • Well versed in building management and evacuation procedures

  • Computer literate in mainstream applications


Knightguard establish and merge Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) with each corporate security placement in order to ensure that the provision of security services delivered will achieve and surpass any compliance and quality standards requirement the client may have.


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